We offer full service care for your retired horse. With the choice of stall with a large paddock or a large pasture, we make sure that you horse enjoys his retired years.

Large shaded pastures with shelter and large water tanks

Stalls with large paddock and large water tanks

Horses are fed hay 2 times daily- alfalfa, bermuda, orchard or timothy (addition cost)

Individual grain programs

Cleaned daily

Winter Blanketing, fly spray and psyllium and feed thru fly protection…etc

Please contact for more information or to schedule an appointment to check the property out!


-Heather Larson, DVM

I have had the distinct privilege to board two of my horses at Jamie's  farm over the past 10 years.  Not only is Jamie's farm beautiful but she takes great care to make sure all of the stalls and pens are maintained year-round.  She takes the time every day to look at each one of the horses and responds to any issues quickly.  Her communication is fantastic- living over 100 miles away it was a comfort to know my calls or texts for updated would always be returned promptly.  My horses were taken care of with no effort needed on my part!  They were blanketed daily in the winter, and their veterinary and farrier needs scheduled without needing any reminder from me.  Jamie took care of my horses like they were her own, and considering my profession as a veterinarian I'd like to think my standards are high!  My horses loved her farm and I truly felt guilty taking them back to their training barn considering the amazing space she provides for them to both relax and socialize.  Jamie is a true gem in this industry in regards to both her passion for the work and dedication to keeping her clients and horses happy.

-Pam Noyes

My daughter’s retired show horse has lived at Cherry Hill Farm for the last 5 years. Initiall, we were concerned about having him live such a distance from us but instantly our concerns were relinquished after seeing the prime conditions of the beautiful facility that is now his home. It is very comforting to know that our sweet Bubba, is being cared for as well or better than we could have cared for him ourselves. He is blanketed all winter and wiped with fly spray and masked when necessary during the other months. As he has gotten older, he has had few health issues that were instantly tended to by either Jamie or her crew or the vet was called immediately. All issues resulted in a favorable way and he is living happy and healthier than ever at his wonderful home.

We pop in from time to time unannounced and Bubba is always well taken care of and looking as beautiful and healthy as ever. We are very grateful to Jamie and her crew for taking such great care of our boy.

-Linda Powell

My 27 year old gelding has been retired with Jamie for 4 years. Since I am   Rarely able to visit him, I needed a retirement situation that was extremely safe and caring. Everyone I asked recommended Jamie.  Both my gelding and I are very happy with his care. Jamie’s care is individualized. Her retirees are supervised daily. Their little quirks are indulged. Couldn’t ask for a better retirement! 

She could text more picture!  He he

-Cathy Eischen

Cherry Hill Farm is exactly what I was looking for to retire my horses. Jamie is pragmatic while at the same time compassionate. She has lovingly cares for all of my horese in life as well as transitioning into the end of their lives. I lnow that my horses are well cared for and loved.

-Lisa Mitchell

Cherry Hill Farm definitely earns a solid five stars.

Jamie and her amazing barn manager (Joanne) treated my two retired mares with incredible care, compassion, and dignity. The monthly billing was clearly itemized, and the pricing was reasonable. I always knew exactly which services I was being charged for. My two mares lived together in the same pasture but had very different feeding requirements. Jamie and Joanne had an easy solution for this that still worked within my budget. I can’t say enough good things about Cherry Hill. My mares were treated like family.

-Ana Gonzales

There is no other place we could have imagined sending our two retiree jumpers than Cherry Hill Farm. Our horses get continuous care and love by Jamie’s staff and family who live on the property. It’s always good to see them, and find them living peaceful, calm lives with their pasture partners, enjoying being a horse after competitive career. They aren’t just a number in a pasture, they have a place in the hearts of those at Cherry Hill Farm.

- Lauren Passmore

My Horse KiAz and I have been lucky enough to know Jamie and Cherry Hill FArm’s retirement facility for over three years now. Jamie treats each horse like family and goes above anfd beyond to care for KiAz like he is her own. Cherry Hill Farm has given KiAz the ability to relax,to make new friends and to be a real horse.

-Elizabeth McIntyre

I retired my beloved horse, Jack, 5 years ago. I did not hesitate to send him to Jamie Lund at Cherry Hill Farm. Her facility is clean, quiet, and tranquil. She takes fabulous careof all her horses and Jack, at the age of 26, looks and feels great. i would strongly recommend Jamie to care for your retired horse.

-Katherine O’Leary

The first time I visited Cherry Hill Farm I knew I wanted to retire my horse there. the prperty is so quiet and peaceful, and all of the horses are well cared for and happy. It is easy to see that Jamie loves these horses and they love her in return! She takes care of them as if they were her own. I have had my horse at Cherry Hill for 4 years and recommend it to anyone looking to retire their horse in San Diego.

-Sarah White

When I found out I was going to move to Wisconsin for work, I was heartbroken to come to the realization that my soulmate of 15 years , George, probably couldn’t make the move with me. I’ve had George through all stages of his life, through his wild, young years, through years of training and competeing together, and more recently, through years of a relaxed life of turnouts and grazing. while our goals have changed over the years, one stayed the same, and that was our dailyand ourdependence on one another. Cherry Hill Farm was recommended to me by my sister, who knows Jamie. I was skeptical driving up to Santa Ysabel to see the farmand meet Jamie and Spencer. After all, I was the only one who knew George well enough to care for him. Jamie and Spencer spent over an hour talking to me about their place, showing me around and putting my fears to rest. George made his big move a couple of months before I made mine. jmaie sent me pictures that first week, knowing that I would be going through withdrawal, and Icertainly was. She has been quick to respond when i have any questions and when I randomly check in. At first, I was sure I would be requesting updates and pictures weekly, not believing that anyone can take care of George the way I have. Surprisingly, and thankfully, I have found quite the oppositeto be true. He is relaxed and healthy, and I am so grateful theI am able to give my greatest partner the retirement he deserves. Jamie cares greatly for every horse on her property, treats eachone as her one partner, and knows every quirk of their character. Trusting her with my best friend says more than I could ever put into words. I know George is watched carefully, that any changein his behavior is seen and dealt with, and I will be contacted if any little thing comes up. Even as my time in Wisconsin draws closer to an end, I know that I won’t move George away fro Cherry Hill Farm when I return to California.

-Lindsey Graham

After college and stepping back from my riding career, I knew I could only trust one person with my horses care in retirement. I trust Jamie entirely with Anakin and her care and expertise allow me to focus on everything else in my life. I made my horse a promise when I first got him that he would be taken care of for the rest of his life and Jamie is helping me keep that promise with her expert care and genuine love of horses.